Homeschool Diaries

We started school today. The goal was to wait until we moved to begin this year, but as we are now in October, I admit I will have to yield on this, or we’ll still be studying in July. Today has gone okay so far, with the usual snafus- infant that doesn’t want to nap, toddlers that don’t want to play with their toys but do want what’s in the older kids’ school boxes. The excitement from the schoolagers is infectious, however, and keeps me buoyed through the preschooler’s whining.
I forgot to get dinner going in the crockpot earlier; I hope it will be done in time for dinner. Have to use the High setting- that’s always an iffy turnout for a dish.
The history lesson was about Pentecost- when God’s people received power to do his will via the Holy Spirit’s indwelling. I need that same power to get through each day; it is encouraging to know I can have it, too.

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  1. Fun! I didn’t realize you were so close to moving in! It must be getting exciting. Horay for the table set you fount the other day too. I loved hearing how all of you went to the thrift stores and looked out for each other. What good helpers you are raising! 🙂 That is a gift to them too.

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