Toolin’ Around

Happy October! The weather has been glorious here, and I got to be out in it running some errands in town. Some days, like today, Luke can take Carol’s car to work, leaving me with the van to have an adventure with the children. We left at nine and headed for some thrift stores. The big need right now is shoes for Big S- I want to search secondhand if I can, then I’ll look for new if I have to. No shoes at the first store, but I found some jeans for C, and some shirts Luke may or may not like. The shirts both had the 50% off green tag today, so I figured they were worth a try. At our second stop, Goodwill, I noticed toys out front of the entrance, and quickly told the children that we were going inside and not playing with those toys. As we got closer, however, I noticed one of the items was a white kids’ table and chair set, with Winnie The Pooh on it. I have been looking for a good set for a while now. The one I want is over $200, so I am thrilled to have found this- shall we say- interim set at a modest $12.50. Still looking for a woodworker to make my dream set, though. I also found a pair of shoes for A Major, but still nothing for S. We went from there to the library, then on home. Each trip has gotten a little better, as we learn how to look out for each other, and enjoy being together.
We start school next week, and hopefully will have most Fridays off for errands and field trips, so it is good that I am actually looking forward to toolin’ around with our crew.