Twins Day

We’re celebrating today. Last year on this day, we found out via ultrasound that we were expecting twins. I was having really bad stomach cramps, and went to the hospital to get checked. The two in there must have been intensifying my usual heartburn! I knew the one year mark was coming up, remembering back to fall events that happened before, or after, we knew about the twins. But I didn’t realize it was today until Luke told me. I love having my husband to share these joys, and sorrows, as we go through this life. It will be good to remember Micaiah’s life today. She died on December 21, so that will be a day set aside to mourn her. But for now I want to feel the excitement and joy that our twins brought us. Read my first post about the babies here.

2 Replies to “Twins Day”

  1. You look so good in the Spring is Coming graphic tee shirt you picked up at the Steven Curtis Chapman concert the other night. I think it’s really sweet that you got it exactly one year after we first saw our twin girls (almost to the minute, actually…scary, huh!?). I will remember Micaiah every time I see you in it, Love.

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