Seven More Days

A blog…is like a pet.
You feed it (with words), you groom it (changing themes), you take it for walks and let people ooh and ahh over it and make smoochie noises (comments). You even have to clean up after it sometimes (filtering spam).
Time comes in the life of every pet, and blog, where it must end.
My time is July 7. I chose this date because it will mark four years I’ve been at this thing, and it is time to call it quits.
I’ve had so much fun sharing in our huge internet community, and am glad I have this much of my writing and stories in one place that can be saved and stored. For the past year, I haven’t had as much to say, and I don’t want to have one of those blogs that just sit there with a post on the front page from 2007. (No offense intended if you really liked that year and want to stay parked.)
So, I’ve got one more week to enlighten and encourage (smirk). Here’s your last chance to copy a recipe for dinner (Monkey Brains, anyone?), dessert (Black Bean Brownies, anyone?) or for anytime (Oatmeal Rhubarb Cookies- for all that diced rhubarb you have in your freezer. Oh, you don’t have any rhubarb in your freezer? Must just be me in the Rhuby Fan Club- got some from last year’s harvest in there, too). Also, if you start here to visit any of the links I have, copy those somewhere else, too. Luke is going to save all my stuff and shut this down sometime in the next month. ‘Consider It Done’ will again be an available blog name. So will ‘Monastic Casket’.
And because I like to go out with a boom, I would covet your comments telling me what you liked about the blog. I need six more comments to make 1000 comments on here in four years. That would be awesome to achieve. (Of course, most of them have come from one person- thanks, Angela! :)) There have been over 630 posts, which average 160 posts a year. Hmmm- so that is what I was doing when dinner was late.
Thanks so much for reading. I still owe you a fab finish to the twins’ birth story, and I couldn’t leave without talking about food somehow, so you aren’t rid of me yet.
Now turn off your computer, and go outside and enjoy this weather we are having!

3 Replies to “Seven More Days”

  1. I will really miss your blog. I check every day for new thoughts from your colorful life. I can’t imagine what you’ll do with your time now. (ha!) Of course, I have an advantage, I’m your mom, and can spend time with you in person. Love you.


  2. I’m sad-I’ll miss “hearing” your voice via the blog, but I’m glad for you too. So, does it say how many comments I’ve left? That would be funny! I’ve enjoyed hearing what you’re up to. Some of my favorite posts were the neat things you are doing and new things you’re trying. Like when you made a new stocking to match the rest of them. I’ve really enjoyed the gardening adventures, books read, lessons learned and glory to God! 🙂

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