MD- Day 22

I’ve reached the halfway point. There hasn’t been much to blog about, since my menus are pretty normal and I usually eat the same as the family. Some foods I am supposed to avoid are: milk, cheese, breads, grains, pasta, and potatoes. It will be sad when I discover what of these items are the hardest on my system. Any of them would be missed. I figure I’ll stick to the rules for the rest of these forty days, then slowly introduce each one separately, to see what I can and can’t tolerate.
Eating this way has helped me to lose some baby weight, which is good. This has made me feel pretty good, with energy that lasts through the day. I’ve been noticing that I don’t need so big a portion of food at any given time, and try to only eat until I feel full. I used to not pay attention while I ate, and would often feel overfull before I stopped.
I think Phase Three is supposed to be the guide for a lifestyle of eating this way. It will be interesting to see how closely I can stick to that long term.