Birth Story, Part 1

There are those items in every home that, if in the event of a fire, will be grabbed up. They are our valuables, our papers, our can’t-be-withouts. For us, the children come first, of course, and I often try to think things through so that just in case the unthinkable happens, we get everyone out of the house. It is important to plan who gets who: I could probably take two of the littles at a time, so could Luke, and the rest would probably be old enough to walk out on their own.
As of May 3, we have another prized possession that will accompany us out of the house, alongside Luke’s safe and our external hard drive.
This is her story.
I knew right away when I was pregnant this time, and wanted to be more careful about eating right. Even my best efforts seemed not to work, though, because by mid-September I was having horrible heartburn after every meal. This was not typical morning sickness for me. It got so bad that one night we went to the emergency room, thinking it might be my gall bladder causing all the trouble. I can’t stand being in the hospital, so once we found out I wouldn’t be able to have surgery while pregnant even if it was my gall bladder, I remember asking Luke if we could leave. He said no, that we should stay and let them run any tests they were going to.
The doctor ordered an ultrasound, to look at my organs and see if there was anything wrong. While the tech was doing that, she said, “Let’s go ahead and look at the baby, shhh, don’t tell.” As soon as she was hovering over my uterus and I saw more than one little cloud floating against the blackness, I knew. The tech looked at us a little funny, and said, “Do you see that?” I think Luke guessed it, too- twins!
I loved them instantly. What a discovery in an emergency room cubby. It was so early, but unmistakeably two of them. I think the LORD told us then and there for certain reasons- maybe so I would continue to eat well, maybe so I would be more careful to slow down. Definitely so we would be lifting up their little lives to Him, their Creator and Sustainer.
The next few months passed with exciting OB visits. It is common in the first trimester to lose one twin without the mother even noticing, so I would try to prepare myself in the event that there might be only one baby there to see. Much to my joy, then, were the times I would first get to see two beating hearts, then two wiggling peanuts, then two bobbing heads and two sets of squirming arms and legs.
To Be Continued