MD- Day 9

Breakfast- fried eggs, asparagus
Lunch- leftover spaghetti squash with sauce
Dinner- hamburger, salad

I had some kids with a fever yesterday, and didn’t get around to blogging. The breakfast was noteworthy- an onion, pepper and goat cheese omelet. The goat cheese I found at Meijer is interesting- it doesn’t melt very well, and has a distinct flavor.
Next Tuesday will begin Phase Two, when I can add some things back to the menu. I am curious which things (cow dairy or grains, for example) cause which reactions in my body (excess phlegm, cotton mouth, for example), and will be watching for clues as I start back on them.

In other news, Luke let me get the whole Little Britches series of books for my birthday. What fun, since I was in a holding pattern, waiting for my library to find the fourth book through interlibrary loan. Now, no waiting, and I should have them all read by this weekend. (Kidding- that would only happen if I had nothing else to do. I do have a couple other things to do, so maybe by Monday.)

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  1. You made me laugh with “interesting”. That was the code my brothers & I used to warn each other not to put much of that food on our plates. 😉

    I will always admire your speed reading skills! 🙂

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