MD- Day 7

Breakfast: fried eggs

Lunch: steak with sauteed mushrooms and onions, roasted asparagus
Yeah, I was going to take a picture, but didn’t want you drooling on your keyboard.:)

Dinner: tomato sauce over spaghetti squash

I’m feeling better. This has been an unexpectedly long stomach bug. My best guess as to what I got: Listeria. My best guesses as to what might have caused it: the goat’s milk yogurt I made, the halibut. [By the way- anyone local want a piece of fish that may or may not make you ill for four days? I’ve got three left, and would just hate to waste that kind of money.:)] I thought about quitting the diet completely and getting back to it in a few months, but since the two questionable foods could easily be dropped from the menus, I say full speed ahead.

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  1. Hey, I am glad you’re recovering! I was concerned about the smelly fish since we’re not supposed to use our CLO if it stinks like fish (ha ha!). I’d take it back to the store. I read this online. “Smell is a good indicator of freshness: fresh halibut smells like seawater…return it if it has too strong a fishy, ammonia-like smell.”

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