It’s Finished!

Busy weekend! First, there was the Ohio State- Michigan game to watch. We took a lasagna down to my mom and dad’s to hang out with them and see the game on a tv with better reception. Look what N did to my masterpiece! I knew I should have buckled him in and not just set him in the van and expected a two year old to be careful.

My sister and her family are home for Thanksgiving, and she got me the neatest wall art. They were conveniently present for Baby A’s Dedication at church. A fitting verse.

And, I got my first rag rug done. I really enjoyed making this- it is so quick! Now I just have to come up with more pajama pants/ sheets/ discount fabrics to start my next one. I think I am giving this to my sister, if she thinks it would work in her house.

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  1. Great job on the rug! Oh the lasagne–it made me laugh picturing N getting into it. DId he step on it? Good thing you have a sense of humor. It still looks yummy!

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