A Bushel And A Peck

What does a husband get his wife and eighth child, “just because”? The complete collection of VeggieTale lullabies off of Amazon, of course! I list me before Micah, because this is really a gift that I have wanted for some time. I used to have the original cd, where Junior Asparagus sings about hugs around the neck and his mom sings him to sleep, when A Major and Big S were all there were. I remember taking a walk to the library, and coming home and putting that cd on to quiet ourselves down. This might have only happened once- aren’t memories funny that way- but there was always that ‘feel’ that accompanied Junior’s little voice, like this was something we always did. I was pregnant with Little S at the time, so just about every song would make me cry. At a certain point when we weren’t listening to it anymore, I gave the album away to a friend of mine whose daughter loved VeggieTales. I regretted doing that, and have often thought of calling her up and asking for it back. Now, it can be like old times. The deal is even sweeter because VeggieTales now has 2 lullaby cds that Luke combined for me with his super iTunes powers, so we can have all the memories, and make new ones, too. Have I sold you on these songs yet? Just one of those things I love having back in the family. I’m definitely talking in my sleep about you, Luke.

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  1. Sweetness! 🙂

    I’m excited to hear there is another one! We love Jr. too, and the worship one.

    I love you, a bushel and a peck. 🙂

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