Black Bean Brownies, Anyone?

I saw the OB yesterday, and he mentioned wanting to see me gain a pound a week from now on. I joked, “Does that mean I can justify that second sundae?” Not to be swayed, he returned, “No, but you may have the one sundae.” I don’t intend to do anything of the sort; I’m more convinced than ever that the pounds “they say” a woman should gain in pregnancy are way over estimated. Did we figure out who “they” are? Ever since we found out about the twins I have really tried to make every calorie count, and I think my weight this time around is a truer reflection of the size I should be, in spite of the many ups and downs of this particular pregnancy. I wonder, though, if there are more “good weight gain” type things I could be eating in these last months, and thought I would ask you guys. What are your favorite fattening foods that are good for you? I’d love to hear.

2 Replies to “Black Bean Brownies, Anyone?”

  1. Bread doesn’t seem to make you gain as it does for me…so…

    One of my fave high-fat good foods is the beautiful avocado. Then, nuts! It could backfire and just quickly fill you up, but they are nutritious.

  2. P.S. You could make the avocado more fattening by mashing it up into guacamole and adding nachos. :oO

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