Old Friends, New Friends

I’ve added some links to my sidebar. Tammy’s and Maggie’s blogs have been on there before at different times, but Kimi’s and Amy’s are new. Check them out!
Luke brought home an old Mac from his work for me to use, and I have found a little more time to read blogs again.

Not too much time, however, as I was just reminded that one cannot toilet train a toddler and type up a blog post at the same time.
Gotta go!

6 Replies to “Old Friends, New Friends”

  1. I mean FOLEX. (I just looked it up, and the wrong spelling is for growing hair!). 😉 http://www.folexcompany.com This stuff is great on carpets. When “tiny” was a baby, he grabbed it while I was using up the last drips of a bottle, and put his lips to the “straw”. There wasn’t anything left, but just in case, I called poison control, and they said it is harmless, just like a gentle soap.

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