Still Kicking

We saw the surgeon for, hopefully, the last time yesterday. Our little dancer is doing well, and we are so grateful. I hope I can start to relax about the remainder of this pregnancy, but I am sure some nervousness will last until she is born.
Luke and I have been tossing around ideas for some way we can remember Micaiah, and to remind Micah she is a twin. I was thinking of doing something with a quilt or blanket that had both names stitched on it. Or a paving stone out in the garden that I have painted. Maybe I’ll paint Micaiah’s cute feet on it. Any suggestions? This is different than a miscarriage in many ways, and I don’t think after they are born that I will be able to recover, for lack of a better word, in quite the same way. A memorial of some sort seems in order. One thing I do know- friends and family may have a hard time ever getting a chance to hold Micah. I may never put her down. Just headed over now to shop online for shower slings…

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  1. What a beautifully formed leg! God is amazing.

    I really like your ideas especially the blanket with both names stitched on. Something small that Micah can always easily keep close to her is a locket with either ultrasound pics (that might be hard to handle so young) or their names inside/engraved. Or a bracelet with their names engraved. We lost a baby brother, Kevin, when I was 3 and have always loved him. We never had anything to remember him by. Micaiah’s memorial is a good idea.

  2. Funny, thoughts have been floating around my head about that type of thing lately, too. I thought about sharing this site with you… & didn’t know if it would be applicable or something you two would be interested in checking out for ideas or not, but since you got the ball rolling… Also wondered if Maggie used something like that. Looks like a really good organization.

    I’ve always felt a hole with Danny gone in our family & through the years have wondered what he would’ve looked like, what his personality is like, etc. Even with all the brothers God blessed me with, I miss him. Nate’s middle name is in honor of him. Can’t wait to get to Heaven to meet him!! Now Micaiah is added to my list. I think with Micah to look at, we will miss her even more. Wondering how she would’ve been different, etc. Such a hole! I miss her already; I can imagine how much more you two miss her. So please know you & Luke are being lifted in prayer OFTEN these days.

  3. What about a wonderful childrens book about a elegant dancer and a sweet wall flower. That can be read to Micah over and over:)

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