Home Again

Just a note to say that I am home after a night in the hospital following the laser procedure. This morning the doctors did a quick ultrasound and we could see that both babies had strong heartbeats. Praise God! The first of many hurdles has been successfully overcome. I had been feeling movement all yesterday and through the night last night, so was pretty certain that at least one baby was doing well. Now, as I feel each little kick, I am even more grateful that at first glance, the procedure seems to be helping both our wallflower and our little dancer. Now our hopes are that Micaiah (aka the wallflower) can start building up some fluid again, and things in there can balance out. Micah (aka Angelina Ballerina) has to be feeling some relief from the amnio reduction performed after the laser procedure, and another prayer would be that her fluids never again increase to be more than Micaiah’s. I want to scan and post, when I get a chance, a picture of each baby that I think demonstrate their very early (though forced) personalities well- Micah has got her leg sticking straight out like a Rockette, and Micaiah is squeezed against one wall of my uterus. It is neat to see them so young, having all their fingers and toes, looking like the miniature people they are.
Thank you so much for lifting us up in prayer. I will try to update you regularly on how you can keep doing that.

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  1. We praise our Lord with you! It would be so sweet to see their pictures! I liked hearing about their personalities. :>

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