Pray More Intelligently, You Will

I’ve asked Yoda to come write a guest post for me… not really. This week at the obstetrician, I found out some really neat information about the babies, and hope you will be praying for a few specific things.
My OB did an ultrasound on Thursday, and the babies are the same size and growing great. He saw what he hoped was one of the babies’ amniotic sacs, but can’t be sure. As it turns out, that membrane surrounding the baby is verrrry important! Here are some of the different scenarios that could be going on with the twins and their sacs:
-they share a sac. This means they are identical twins and will be delivered via c-section (my OB’s policy)
-they each have their own sac, are fraternal and the sacs are strong
-they each have their own sac, are identical and the sacs are strong
-they each have their own sac, are identical but one sac and/or the other is weak
So far, any of these are possible, so we are of course praying for the best possible scenario- the babies each have their own, strong sacs, and that they can be delivered naturally. As their growth is watched, if at any time one starts getting bigger than the other, this may be an indication of a weak sac(s). I’m hopeful, though, that what he saw was a sac, one of two strong sacs, and we never see that happen. Thanks for joining with us in prayer. Strong Sacs! I’ll have the awareness bracelets and ribbon magnets for your cars out next week. 🙂

3 Replies to “Pray More Intelligently, You Will”

  1. Just let me know and I can pick mine up.
    Frick and Frack are in my daily prayers – along with you , Luke and the other 7 little cuties.

  2. I am praying and eagerly awaiting good news!
    I enjoyed the lesson on fraternal and identical twins; we were wondering if identical twins shared the sac.

    I am sorry you are feeling so bad! I hope you feel better and pray for that too!

  3. Just a little fyi one thing that my ultasound tech did in Akron was turn the gain up on the machine and it made the sac lines alitte better to see! If we can do anything please feel free to ask or if you need to borrow a 11 or 13 year old just let us know!

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