Just Chillin’ At The Lake

A Flat has just discovered one of those cellophane wrapped cups. C is hopping from bed to chair to other bed, then falling back on the pillow and snoring like he is asleep. Where are we? At a Holiday Inn Express in Port Clinton. The other day, Luke asked me if I was up for “an adventure”. I said sure, as long as it didn’t interfere with my plans to clean the garage on Saturday. Well, the garage will have to wait, as we are a couple hours from there, and planning to take a boat even further away tomorrow. I love it when my husband comes up with spur-of-the-moment ideas like this. It has been more rare with the number of children growing, as we can’t just “up and do” anything. But the kids are handling the trip well, with their usual extreme excitement at the littlest things. Younger S has taken to calling the hotel room an apartment and asked if we can take a picture of it for Grandma, so you can see that the rooming accomodations alone have them on cloud nine. Luke has the older ones down at the pool while I write this, and as I tidied up our apartment some funnies came to mind.
After seeing the ‘Forget Something?’ sign in the bathroom: “Yes, we just happened to forget nine toothbrushes. Could you send some complimentary ones up?”

After hanging up some of the kids’ jackets and running out: “We need some hangers sent up.”

The way we entered the building was funny too- either Luke was afraid to let the front desk people see us ALL or for some other reason, he parked in back and led us through a service door. Little S was a dynamite doorkeeper as we filed past.
Tomorrow’s plans are to visit the Glacial Grooves on Kelleys Island. This week in history we talked about the Ice Age, so it is timely.

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  1. What fun! Some of the best times of my life were spent in the Lake Erie Islands area. Hope all of you have a GRAND time.

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