By 10:00 This Morning

…All children were put back to bed. I had completely run out of other options to put out the many fires already started so early in the day. With the adventures of A Flat last week and A Major getting baptized last evening (yay!), I am thinking spiritual attack when the house gets this chaotic. What are your thoughts? Let’s discuss. How many times is it “these things happen” until it is “these things happen for otherworldly reasons”? Hmmm.

2 Replies to “By 10:00 This Morning”

  1. Carol told me this morning that everyone went back to bed for a fresh start! Hope they woke up better the second time!
    I have my computer back and I am on line again! It’s good to be back reading you blog and Leigh Ann’s!

  2. Hmmm. I wonder that sometimes too. I don’t know. Have there been any otherworldly exposures/influences in your lives recently-in the home or out? Children can be especially sensitive to this. They’re also sensitive to how anyone they love is feeling. You know, however Ma & Pa feel, the children can feel. I see that here. The other reason I see the chaos happen is when they’re not feeling secure for whatever reason, such as a new schedule or other sudden change that makes them feel like all the rules changed overnight. I’m praying with you! 🙂 Great idea about going back to bed, especially if they were tired! 🙂

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