Seasonal Scene: Pinto Beans

Once upon a time, I planted some Aldi pinto beans in quart jars for the children to watch grow. I said to the children, “They might not come up.” A few days went by, and though there was some sprouting of the beans, I still maintained that they might not come up, just because of the nature of the bean we were working with. Lo and behold, they did come up; every single bean grew into a healthy, green beanstalk that climbed my kitchen window. I thought to myself, I gotta try these out in the garden this year! So I planted two rows of them, in between the black beans and green. They were ready to harvest so I picked them and shelled them yesterday. Here’s the amazing thing- they look just like pinto beans! I can’t get over the fact that a handful of beans netted a 2 lb. bagful. Luke has inspired me to keep back this harvest and plant it next year. If all goes well, I get ten bagfuls from this one, I plant two bagfuls and have eight to last me all year. This, combined with tomato and pepper preservation in the coming years should have me swimming in free chili very soon.

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