Seasonal Scene: Too Many To Mention

Green Beans- We had fun snapping these and putting most up in the freezer.
Green Peppers- I tried one of my pepper varieties and was disappointed with the thin walls and bitter taste. I decided I would let most all of the rest proceed to sweet, colored status and hope for bigger and better taste by then. One of the kinds I planted is called ‘Fat and Sassy’- here’s hoping she lives up to her name. I’m going to miss my frozen diced green pepper, though- the final bag of last year’s harvest went in a casserole only a week ago.
Banana Peppers- I’m wishing I had the equipment to pickle these this year. Nice to know I can produce those fancy pepperoncini jars myself someday.
Potatoes- I think. My friend gave me a bucket of seed potatoes this spring and Luke decided to just pour the whole thing in the box, cover them with dirt, and see what we got. The plants looked lovely, with little purple blooms. Then, one by one, they yellowed and keeled over. A few days later I noticed a beautiful red potato sticking up out of the dirt, and figured it must be new, since it had no sprouts attached to it. Luke dug up a few more for me, and I fried them, diced, with onions. Delicious, and probably the freshest potatoes we have ever eaten. A week later, I thought I would look for more, but the ones I found I couldn’t tell if they were the old or new, with all their warts and sprouts. Let this be a lesson- don’t plant the potatoes so close together!
Tomatoes- I picked one Early Girl a few days ago. Starting tomato plants from seed has been a roller coaster ride; they have finally made it to fruit-bearing stage with many ups and downs. Now I wonder if the fruits will get any larger, or ever turn red.
Cucumbers- harvesting just enough to keep us crunching.
Thank You, Lord, for this bounty.

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