Seasonal Scene: Zucchini

Where do I start listing the many things I did wrong with my melon/ squash patch this year… At least there is something growing. Last year I picked a totally wrong location, for many reasons, and yielded only one gourd, about the size and edibility of a VeggieTale character. Back in this spring’s golden days of shelf lit sprouts, I had them all arranged neatly and orderly in their peat beds. When time came to plant them outdoors, I got all involved putting them in the ground, forgetting that my only way of identifying each was a little plant pick with their name on it, and all the picks were now swimming in the bottom of the pan! Whoops. So, I’ve got a bunch of big green vines and lovely yellow blooms out there. Maybe I’ll take some pictures and have a “name my baby squash” contest here on the blog.
A couple of plants are showing their colors- that’d be the zucchini, our early summer squash. I’ve gotten one fruit so far, and it has already been consumed in the form of sweet bread. Luke’s aunt has some more prolific plants apparently, and gave us a few for more bread and, I’m hoping, a redo of squash cake. I used a silicone pan for it last time, with sad results. Going back to a metal pan, and loving it.
I believe peeled, shredded zucchini can be sneaked into many different casseroles. I just put it into tonight’s pasta bake and barely noticed its presence. I bet mashed potatoes could hide it, too. Just trying to plan ahead for the year I have it in spades, which doesn’t look like this year.

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  1. Mmmmmmmmmm! Sounds yummy! “Tiny” and I love zucchini! My love will eat it if he must. 😉

  2. If you like chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, I have a recipe that my family raves about. It takes three cups of grated zucchini and can be frosted and decorated using two nine inch cake pans. I’ve already made two, and they are asking for more.

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