Seasonal Scene: Peas

I’m not getting to a computer very often, so this is a bit late. I harvested peas last week and wanted to get my notes in on that…
I planted 4 rows of seeds, and probably had them spaced a little too close together, because as they matured, they looked more and more like the Bride of Frankenstein’s hair. Only a very pretty green. I was so inspired by their leaves and blooms that I made several greeting cards with the plants on the front. Luke was kind enough to put up some string to guide them upward and not outward, but soon they all began to tumble over the beets and carrots. Next time it will have to be taller staking. The pods were very sweet in their own right- I’m considering training us to eat the whole thing steamed instead of just the peas. Such a waste! And the work it took to get a handful of peas- like I said, a three by three plot only yielded a cup of peas! But it was kinda fun shelling them- I never knew what I was going to get. One family had three, another had 7. Each one was a different shape and size, too, which I thought was ironic. (the saying, like peas in a pod, makes me think they’d be the same) Excellent activity for the children. I froze this harvest in hopes of them gracing our Thanksgiving table. The rest of my seeds will go in soon for a fall harvest- I think I will plant them the first of August. Luke says, why not now, but I think it has to do with heat and keeping their growing season to the cooler parts of spring and late summer that give success. Although, success is a relative term when we’re talking peas. I’m not expecting to match a 12 ounce bag from the store after it is all told. But I can say I grew them myself, and that is all that matters.

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  1. What a great idea to save them for Thanksgiving day!

    I like the peas right in the pod and raw and crunchy. And on salad too. It is fun to open them up though.

  2. Hey, Love. I am writing this from the iPod Touch that I am learning how to use in the Apple training. Not really a comment about your post, but fun nonetheless!

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