Surprise! Finale

Okay, so he has me close my eyes just as we are exiting the highway, and I figure we will soon be at the dock, or at least in a parking lot (we still have to drop off the rental car before we board, something Luke seems to think will take 2.3 seconds, seeing as that is all the time we have left to make the boat). Thing is, he never slows down to parking lot speed. And he makes quite a few turns. Eventually I hear him saying, “Alright…” which I take to mean I can open my eyes, and I peek out and see we are on a residential street. I quickly close them again, knowing he didn’t mean for me to see that yet. Then a minute later we are parking, and he comes around to open the door for me.
This whole close-your-eyes thing is nothing new with us. I remember a lovely day in May where Luke was taking me for a drive, and when I got into the car he told me to close my eyes. He circled the block round and round until he was sure I had no idea we were only across the street. There he proposed on a bench built into two trees.
It was hard to trust his guidance up the steep driveway, so I peeked again. I later told him I didn’t want to ruin his surprise at my surprise, so I pretended I didn’t just open my eyes and totally know where we were. When we got to the door, Luke told me to open my eyes.
“I know there are two things you love very much in this world- the ocean, and your friend Angela. I wanted you to enjoy both on your birthday.”
Angela opened the door to a very smiley Luke and a very speechless me. I had had to use the restroom pretty much since we left Richmond, so in very un-Lifetime movielike fashion, I headed straight for it after a big hug from my friend.
It took the next hour for me to get my mind around the fact that there was no boat. There never was a boat, and some of those times I ‘caught’ Luke doing something online I wasn’t allowed to see was him emailing Angela, making plans for our getaway to Virginia Beach.
As we settled down to a wonderful, albeit late dinner with Angela and her dear family, Aaron gave thanks for the food and as he did, I was overcome with emotion. Luke had prepared something for me, completely with me in mind. A cruise would have been interesting, sure. But we both agreed later that wasn’t really something either of us would like. It made for a good ruse, though, to keep me off the trail of the simpler truth. And, boy do I love when things are kept simple: my lover and me and a trip to the sea.
Pictures to come shortly!

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