Seasonal Scene: Asparagus

Our dear aunt Barb moved to Indiana, and said I could have her asparagus plant. The old me wouldn’t get half as excited about this as the new, green stuff lovin’ me, and I couldn’t wait until I could go dig it up and transplant it to our land. You would have thought it was Christmas- Luke was willing to help, so all nine of us got in the van and went to Barb’s to get Gus. Luke dug it out perfectly, leaving no cut root behind. Then, we drove home to put it in, just up the treeline from Barbie and Ruby, my rhubarb plants from Diana. I’m accumulating such wonderful living things, and I love that many of the veggies we have on our table will have a benefactor.
Someday I’ll remember to get a picture of Gus, but seeing as how we will probably not even harvest asparagus (or rhubarb) until the year after next, I figure I have plenty of time to come up with good asparagus recipes and finish this post.

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  1. I love how they are passed down (and named!) and look forward to asparagus recipes! I like them covered in sauce, which means that I don’t *really really* like them on their own. My picky eater…guess which veggie he will eat without blinking? 🙂

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