Seasonal Scene: Strawberries

On the way home from Mt. Gilead the other day, I stopped at a farm market to see what they had, and came away with our first quart of local strawberries. I don’t know how local, though, since I have it on good authority that Crum’s (our berry patch in this county) won’t be having enough for U-pick until next week. But, it was heartening to finally be in (somebody’s) strawberry season. A couple days later, I went over to Waterford to check out Owl Creek Produce Auction, after reading an article about it in a magazine. What a fun place! It was storming pretty bad, so I didn’t linger to watch the actual auction, only scooped up their last quart of strawberries and headed home.
There are many things I like to do with strawberries- served on shortcake, over ice cream, and cooked into freezer jam. Then there is strawberry-rhubarb crisp and strawberry pie, with or without rhubarb. Strawberry muffins, too.
What did we do with our first berries of this growing season? Ate every blessed one whole.

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  1. I wholeheartedly applaud the way you used up these strawberries. That’s our favorite recipe too. 😉 And my favorite fruit in the whole world…if I must choose just one. YUM!

  2. Warning to all: read Valerie’s blog on a full tummy. See the Olive Garden recipe below, and you will agree. 🙂

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