The Friend Dare

Maybe it is in the water. Leigh Ann has been posting lately about what she is calling The Respect Dare, taking inspiration from the popular Love Dare book. I wrote a while ago about how I would love to reverse some of the same sinful habits that I had as a child and that I now see at play in my children’s friendships (jealousy, pride, anger, etc.). I wanted to get my hands on the Love Dare book, to get ideas for how I might begin a daily project with my oldest daughter. We could meet together and discuss the good/ not so good qualities in a friend, and ‘dare’ ourselves to become more mature in the good areas. Our local Christian bookstore was closed, so I couldn’t look at the Love Dare book, but last night, I was able to flesh out some of my ideas on paper. First, I thought of the many friendships in the Bible, and wanted to pick one that would give us a good picture of what it should look like. My initial thought was David and Jonathan, the classic daring duo. When I looked up the passages that talked about the two of them, I noticed all the mentions of Saul’s behavior during this time, as well- not a real friendly guy. Hey- in this story, we have exactly what I originally wanted- examples of how to and how not to be a friend! So basically, I see us proceeding as follows:
-We’ll make a list of friends. Hopefully we can come up with about six or seven, one for each day of the week. We’ll come up with ‘dare’s for the friend on whose day it is, ie. doing something kind to that person without expecting anything in return, etc.
-Each day we’ll read a verse in 1 Samuel, starting in chapter 18, and look at what qualities of a friend are mentioned there. We’ll pray that God increases the good, and prunes out the bad, in us.
I hope to blog every day our thoughts. Who knows? Maybe we can make it into a book. As y’all know, I’m kinda into books right now.

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  1. Yeah! This is great! I like the book idea too. She can look back on it as a special memory and lesson all in one.

    Btw, I read Leigh Ann’s dare, and it led to neat discussion with my Love. I am sure he thanks her too. Hee hee!

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