Where’s Caleb?

Luke took some photos of the pictures I sketched & painted and put them into a Word document. The actual book has the text printed right on the water color paper which is making copying the book a difficult task. It seems that a scanner doesn’t capture the finer details of the pictures. The digital pictures in the Word version aren’t quite right, either, because the lighting has to be just so in order to get the backgrounds perfectly white. Anyway, click on the link below to see kind of what the book is intended to be. Enjoy!

Where’s Caleb? by Valerie Burton

NOTE: the file is 16 MB, so be patient as it is downloading.

4 Replies to “Where’s Caleb?”

  1. Wow! This is beautiful!

    My favorites are C with the stick, with the bunny, so cute in the swing!, and sleeping with his head under the bedding. I am especially wowed by the details, like strands of hair and shading, you showed with watercolors! No wonder you won! 🙂 What does C think?

  2. WOW! What a precious book! I knew you could write well, but I didn’t know you were an artist also. You are an amazing person.

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