Let The Sunshine In

It comes every year.
The first sunny, warm days of the spring season, when it is all you can do not to get out and enjoy it. When it is all you can do to remember sunscreen.
Nah, I’m not really too badly burnt. I wore sunscreen on my face today and yesterday, and the shoulders and the rest really did need a little color. My run to the river and back is just the right amount of time on the pavement to get red, but not too red. But then our time in the garden beds kinda overcooked things. I can’t wait to count the number of red noses and rosy shoulders in the church service tomorrow.
We tucked potatoes, peas, beets, carrots, spinach, and leaf lettuce in their beds today. Boy, do I feel empowered! Now is the part requiring discipline (watering) and patience (“No, don’t dig it up to see how it’s doing!”) I’m so happy to be at this point, where the garden can take seeds and the sun and rain can do their job. Planting things indoors went okay, but we’re still uncertain about the future of our tomato and pepper plants. Too soon to transplant, though we may try to do so and cover them at night with plastic. This is a test. This is only a test. Or so I keep telling myself to prevent becoming emotionally involved. But you should see me when I have put the tomatoes and peppers out for some real light- I’m checking on my babies more times than an NICU nurse! Then, today I go into town and forget all about their little green bodies blistering in the sun (“Oh, dear ones, let’s get you some shade and a cool drink!”). Here’s hoping they rally.

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