Yea Though I Walk

I have just heard about Susan’s baby from other blogs and wanted to share a great way to encourage someone you know who is going through a tough time.
First, I must back up to 2002, when my friend Maggie found out that the baby she was carrying was missing many of his vital organs. He would survive only until he was born. We prayed hard- for God to miraculously put those pieces into Lee where they should go. Hey, wouldn’t that bring glory to His name and show that He can do ANYTHING! But it wasn’t to be, and little Lee was born that May and died that day, never opening his eyes.
Well, the next April, I had a baby boy, and right after he was born we saw the mark on his back that indicated he had a form of spina bifida. We were told he would need surgery in early infancy to close the part of his spine that had not formed properly. When my friend Maggie heard about my son’s upcoming surgery, she thought back to her tough days leading up to Lee’s birth and what got her through it. She wanted me to have something to focus on and to encourage me through my son’s surgery, so she made me this:

Sweet, huh? It is a fold-out card full of verses that speak about God’s promises. She opens it by saying this (and remember she has lost a child! I’m only about to put my infant son through major surgery, but who can really compare thorns to thorns):
“The LORD tells us to carry one another’s burdens and when you mentioned about S I could not stop thinking about the little fellow and his future…I am praying for you…My heart goes out to you as a mother. I have had my share of heartache, but I have also had my share of how the LORD works, and you and S are going to see it too no matter what the outcome is. That will be God’s Best and only His Best. Remember someone is thinking and praying for you whether you feel it or not. I have seen my worst days wondering how I will ever get through, and look I am doing just fine, but only by the grace and love of of our wonderful LORD JESUS!! He truly is our SAVIOR.”
The boldest verse on the card is Proverbs 3:5-6. If you don’t know these verses by heart, get yourself to a Bible right now!
My son did great through his surgery, and is a healthy and active 3 year old today.
Next time you have a loved one in a trial, and you want to do something in addition to your prayers, make them something to remind them of the Lord and His perfect, loving plan.
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  1. Susan will be checking into the hospital at 7pm on the 11th now (it’s been changed). Do you want that time?

    In Him,

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