March 23, 2009

Kings and kingdoms
will all pass away

This week our history lessons will center around how daily life has changed over time. The main point to learn is that “while basic human needs remain the same, they are met in different ways in different times and places” (taken from our State Standards). Food acquisition, shelter, medical care, clothing and more are quite different now than even fifty years ago. I had the good fortune of both my mother and Carol being at the house today. We took the opportunity to ask them questions about what daily life was like when they were children, both coming from rural Ohio settings. It was a real treat to hear about their childhoods, and I learned some new things I hadn’t heard before. We’ll interview my dad some morning this week to get his perspective, and quiz Carol about what she knows of Don’s childhood. Then the girls will each write a report on these four precious pieces of life history.
Something struck me as my mom was talking about the church they attended as children not being a gospel-preaching one. Besides the physical needs each of us down through time has had to find ways to meet, there has always been the all-important spiritual one. Ever since the rush in the Garden to for-goodness’-sakes-get-your-clothes-on, we’ve needed Jesus so badly, there’d be no real ‘daily life’ without Him. It is beautiful to think of the “different ways in different times and places” He has made Himself known- truth in deepest Africa, encouragement during the Great Depression, light in the dark jungles, a comfort in war, a companion in the desert, and by my side through my worst day. What a great way to head into the Easter season- recognizing that

All may change
but Jesus, never
glory to His name!

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