Brownies, Anyone?

I just have to tell this story; it is too good to keep to myself…
At a baby shower the other day, Luke’s cousin shared that she had tried a new brownie recipe, and had some of the creation with her for us to try. They were low in Weight Watcher points, and were a good source of fiber. I thought they tasted pretty good, but let’s be honest- WW stuff will NEVER taste like the real thing. Some concoctions, though, by being similar to comfort food, can comfort us for, maybe, five minutes. I was more interested in the roughage content, as we have a little girl with intestinal issues, so I thought I would make them for the family. They turned out the same as Sara’s, and Luke and the kids ate them with little comment. The next day, I packed the leftovers in our pre-Maple Syrup Festival lunch. The kids each ate one, again, with no comment, but when I offered one to Luke, he said no, thanks.
It wasn’t until the ride home from Malabar Farm that he had these few words to say:
“Those brownies you made- were those from scratch, or some new from a box you tried? Because they were the most horrible things I ever tasted. I would rather eat [insert colorful word for human waste] than have one of those again. When you asked me if I wanted one after lunch today, I was thinking, [insert colorful word for gagging]. No way.”
Ah, yes, my picky eater. I wish he would tell me what he really thinks once in a while. I am flying blind here.
What makes this story so sweet, literally, is that he still doesn’t even know what was in those brownies. Until now. Hee.

2 Replies to “Brownies, Anyone?”

  1. You may have suckered me into eating those turds once, but at least I discovered quickly how bad they were without you listing the ingredients. You know, I thought we based our marriage on honesty. This makes me wonder what else you are hiding from me. Trust is earned, Love. I suggest you start earning mine back, if you know what I mean 😉

  2. I laughed SO HARD! Thank you! That was great! Then I laughed harder when I saw the black beans recipe. You’re great! My other half is our picky eater too. Our 4 year old is so pleased that he gets to take all of daddy’s broccoli, tomatoes, olives, pickles…and thinks daddy is being nice. Luke’s comment cracked me up too.

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