In The Garden

seeds5We’ve got some onions. The Early Girl tomatoes left us early, as little C found their green sprouts fun to pluck. Luke got some lights at Lowe’s and installed them in some shelving we had, and I’m feeling so good at the progress we’re making. I have to remind myself what ‘progress’ really means, to us, this year.
-have an established method (lighted shelving and containers) in order to start seeds indoors
-grow as much as Carol’s garden boxes out back will hold
-frequent farmers’ markets; eat half the produce and can the rest
(this point used to include selling my own produce in the farmers’ market, but I’m not sure that is a viable goal at this point, with our van’s transmission slowing progress on the house)

seeds2All that matters to me right now is that we get into a habit of growing or obtaining locally most of our food. I want our children to grow up doing this, and seeing how we only have a few years left with A Major, we need to get kicking on the things she will later say, “This is what my family was like…” Similar activities would include us going camping in our RV and me knitting. Sure, I never finish anything, but at least they see me try.