March 4, 2009

I just got the last of the cupcakes into the oven, this week’s snack offering for our local CEF Good News Club. We are rejoicing for so many reasons about this club:
~Our church agreed to sponsor it, which means that they take on the operating costs and commit to providing help and follow-up on children making decisions. Huge Praise!
~Since we still live so far away, we couldn’t help out on site Thursdays, so Luke volunteered us to make snacks. This answered my “praying myself out of a job” prayers. I get the treats ready Tue-Wed, then take them to church for our pastor to bring with him.
~Our pastor helps out! I love to see him interacting with the children. And it has been such a blessing to know how excited he is about the decisions made.
This activity makes my midweek a little hectic, but I have to remind myself of the benefits that even one little cupcake could reap.