March 2, 2009

I think it is high time I started treating this like the daily journal it is, hadn’t I?!
After reading the first chapter of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle for the second time, I have been inspired anew in my garden planting, if that is even possible (I thought I was riding pretty high before). I picked up parsley, broccoli, eggplant, and asparagus seeds at the store, but was waffling on actually planting them. It might not have been anything specific that Barbara said in that first chapter, but I remembered that one of the reasons I want to grow my own food is simply because I can. If I love these four foods enough to eat them, it is worth a try growing them myself. Still not sure about the broccoli’s fate: last year we had a plant that had worms, and I didn’t want to have another experience like Carol’s (she’ll have to tell you about it on her blog sometime), so I pitched the stalks. The more I think about it, though, what’s the big deal about worms if I am soaking, blanching, and freezing the produce? The worms will die way before the crucifer touches anybody’s lips, which may only be mine in the form of broccoli cheese soup or stir fry. I don’t think I want to surrender growing one of my favorite foods for the threat of a few worms.
My church has scheduled some workshops on meat processing, gardening, and food preservation. I am so there! This is exciting to me not only for the way I can hang out with like minded people in my fellowship, but because I can see this turning in to an awesome outreach opportunity in the surrounding area. How wonderful to be ‘using’ the current economic times as a catalyst to get the attention of people who might not walk through our church’s doors otherwise. I have visions of our group being a presence at the local farmer’s market this summer as well, maybe with a homegrown treat to give away, or cooking demonstrations, or something else. It is fun to think about.
I got to go to a baby shower yesterday, and really enjoyed my time there. When the ladies went around our circle, offering advice and funny stories, Charley shared that she would sometimes hold her grandsons through their naptimes when they were babies. It reminded me of something I did the other day:
I’ll just sit down here in the rocker and lull her to sleep. When she is asleep I’ll lay her in her bed and go change the laundry. When I have the laundry folded, I’ll start some bread in the machine. When that is done, I should probably work on Luke’s wool socks I’m knitting. Grandma Gertie knitted some wool socks that I’ve seen; they turned out one bigger than the other. What if that is what happens to Luke’s? All that work. This blanket baby and me are under, Gertie made this out of fleece scraps she got from her elderly neighbor at the assisted living home. I love the colors, the warmth, the thickness of this quilt. She was kind enough (and ambitious enough) to make me two! I think the second one was a result of my complete pleasure at receiving the first. Now Carol and Luke are sitting here with us, talking about how things have changed so much since we were young, and definitely since Carol was young. How much so since Gertie was young! The conversation ends, and I sit and take in the stillness, the breathing coming from the next room, the breathing coming from my lap, the breathing coming from my own chest. And I look at that quilt.
And I rock my sleeping baby. There’s no real need to put her down, not anytime soon anyway. The laundry and the children and the world will be changed soon enough.

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  1. I have 2 comments. First – I’m glad you curled up with the baby and the blanket – you are right – the laundry will still be there when you get up.

    Second – there were not just a “few” worms – there were hundreds and hundreds and hundreds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And blanching, canning, cooking, screaming, nothing could pull them off of the broccoli!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But a little preventitive dusting stops the problem before it starts! I may have to go back to therapy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. And I rock my sleeping baby. There’s no real need to put her down, not anytime soon anyway. The laundry and the children and the world will be changed soon enough.

    This is why I married you, Love. You have your head on straight even after 7 children.

  3. I laughed about the worms! I reminded my manly man bro at Christmas about the time a worm JUMPED out of his salad as he stabbed it with a fork. All these years later, he still doesn’t want to talk about it. 😉 I think he started turning green.

    Mmmm so wonderful to sit and snuggle.

  4. Love this one!

    I am so with you on the brain going into overload while I’m “just sitting there”. It was fun to read the train that went through your head. :] It’s harder than one would guess to capture. And every week or so is a different train coming through, so would be fun to go back & see past ones.

    It does take “unwind time” to slow down & savor that sweet baby in the lap, but so worth every minute. They’re all growing up so fast!!

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