Could I Live On Rice? Would I?

Tonia has posted about a 30-day challenge where she and her family, and hopefully others, will simplify their lives in many ways in order to “break the grip of materialism in our hearts and minds.” This kind of a challenge comes at a great time in the life of my family. Luke has taken a job that will ultimately pay less than what we are used to, and we have to figure out how to make that work. I have the responsibility of feeding us on what he makes, and, so far, I am not a very good steward. I admit that I often have to throw out something that has gone bad in the fridge, and my pantry has food in it that I have no plans to use. Both are symptoms of overspending and lazy living.
Also, we have been burdened by what we have learned is happening in Liberia. The country is full of orphans, with very little food and electricity to take care of them. We have been praying for ways to help there, and putting money away for them, over the next month, that we might have spent on our own luxuries just might be the way to go.
This is me, throwing my hat into the ring. If nothing else, I hope to be a better grocery shopper for my family’s needs (not wants:) by October 1st. Ideally, I will have some money left over to send to Liberia.
Who else is in the mood for some self-deprivation?

3 Replies to “Could I Live On Rice? Would I?”

  1. What a great idea! I like this, and we’ll pray & consider it. At first I thought September might not be the right month to do this because we have a big celebration, and October looks better, but there is always an excuse every month if we look for it.

  2. Yeah, I have a lot of picnics and special things planned for September, but we’re not talking living for a whole month on rice, just working at raising an awareness in my children of how good we have it.

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