Lost Things

This morning, Luke realized his iPod was missing. It was later located in the van, but not before we spent some time fearing the bad (maybe it was in a parking lot somewhere) and the worst (maybe it was in a stranger’s pocket somewhere). Still, even in those dark moments, it wasn’t all that upsetting, because we both knew he’d just buy himself another one if he did not find his toy.
I got to thinking about how this is my perspective on a lot of the things I lose in life. Because they are just things, and are reasonably priced, in my American culture, I never really have to say goodbye.
I’ve discovered that this mindset is one of the reasons a death in the family is such a shock to the system. The loss of a loved one means I have to say goodbye; it means their presence in the rest of my life can never be replaced. I in my feeble ways almost can’t comprehend this those first days of loss since I live such a consumptive lifestyle most other days of the year.
How glorious to know that we will be with Grandma Gertie again in Heaven, and that death certainly does not have to be the end. But now is the time to grieve and mourn for the thing that is lost, only because to be given any length of life is to be granted a most precious thing.

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