That Could Work

Big A has been inspired to enter an American Girl contest. Prizes will be awarded for the best poster about bullying, and she has been hard at work on a colorful and insightful warning to all would-be pesterers.
I’ve had trouble with this for a number of reasons. As the oldest child, she herself has issues with this, tending to be rather bossy and push her weight around. One of my greatest goals would be for her to live up to her gracious middle name, but as yet we are in the beginning stages of knowing what it even means. Would it be hypocritical for her to submit this glowing, anti-bully artwork when she has a ways to go in this area?
This afternoon, as she was making a second poster (the first one having suffered at the hands of a toddler and a coffee mug), this is what I heard her say:

Mom, would it be okay to put a Bible verse on my poster?

I’m thinking about the one that talks about doing unto others as you would like them to do to you.

I looked up ‘others’ in the concordance and couldn’t find the verse anywhere.

I found a good one: Matthew 5:43-44: You have heard that it was said, “Love your neighbor…”

Maybe this is precisely the activity for this American Girl, seeing how much she’s gleaning from the Word. Gotta love that.

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