Some Interesting Developments

I’ve been following a couple of news items this week:
1. The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act– there are parts of this legislation that have small-time children’s product makers, crafters, and even the library quite concerned. I’m having trouble understanding exactly what the implications are, but I plan to watch this drama unfold with great interest.
2. Transition TownsAmy linked to a man talking on his blog about this movement, how in his opinion getting involved could be an excellent way to evangelize. I haven’t yet found any towns in Ohio on board; there are rumors of one in southeastern Ohio, an area we all know is the very seat of enlightenment and progressive thought.

To sum up, if you are looking for a job with real potential, consider becoming an approved lead tester, or a Transition ’09 community organizer. Both careers look quite promising. 🙂

2 Replies to “Some Interesting Developments”

  1. Here is a web site for the transition movement in the US. You should be able to use it to find out if anything is happening in your area.

    Here is a link to the national “transition town” web site. It will help you find out if something is happening in your area or not.

  2. That was a great idea to look at the job potential! 🙂 The CPSIA is both wonderful and horrible (to me) because we’ve become pretty ruthlessly anti-toxic-toy potential in the past year. (We had some of the lead toys-thankfully they were new and barely played with). Now the thought of all the little stores we now enjoy being forced to close because they cannot pay thousands of dollars to test each hand made toy is very sad for them to go out of business and for us to not have the option. We have found some great deals and toys that will last long enough to be passed down to friends and baby cousins and maybe grandchildren if we save any that long. 😉 If these little stores close up, we are going to need to make time to make more things for our children, which would not be so bad either. 🙂

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