Works For Me Wednesday – NoyNoy

I don’t have a tip today, but it is my little N’s birthday! He’s a two year old bundle of energy. I love his words right now-phrases only I and his closest confidantes (siblings) can understand. An added element is that he is saying most of these around a pacifier. A tutorial:
Dinty binky
Dady baby
Yaya A-Major
Bawa Big-S
Deemy Little-S
Gawa granola
Geeky cookie
Ditty (not to be confused with dinty) kitty
Mmmm time to eat
There are many more, but this is a good sample. We love you, NoyNoy.

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  1. Happy Birthday Baby N! This post made me laugh out loud! I love that he calls his Grandma “granola!” I wish our N & A could play – it would be adorable! Give the birthday boy a big hug!

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