What To Call It

The fog is clearing, finally. I have had a headache since Wednesday, and, quite frankly, it was getting old. Things lightened up this afternoon, and as long as I don’t bury my nose in this wonderful book I am reading, I should be able to stay pain-free this evening. So, I’ll blog, instead of finding out what happened to Friedrich, Mike, and Ivy. (And I can blog about them another time! Yay books!)

At BSF on Monday, our lecturer mentioned all of the things that were happening to people as a result of what she called “satanic oppression”. While I believe there is a lot of activity in the unseen world, I kinda shrugged off her suggestion that any of these happenings in our Bible study group could be linked to that.

Rewind to last week, where I felt the Lord saying to me, “Open their eyes,” from a verse in Acts where Jesus is commissioning Paul. I often will pray for an unbeliever’s eyes to be opened, not really thinking that that job belongs to me. But there it is, in black and white. And my children need to be the first to have their eyes opened. They are my number one priority, evangelism-wise. I spoke to them about it, saying, “If you leave our home and still do not know Jesus, have I done a good job?” So I definitely wanted to step up my efforts along those lines, especially with our littles. They get Bible stories at church, that’s great, but I need to be intentional about sharing the gospel with them on a regular basis, and living out the gospel before them on an even more frequent basis.

Fast forward to a week ago. I heard that the Iowa caucus was Monday, and really felt like I should do some targeted praying for the upcoming election, starting now. As my late father-in-law used to say, we will never know what might have been if we had prayed! So I began to gather info on the caucus, and consulted some old prayer guides from past election seasons. Good stuff there, like praying that people will not make judgments by what they see, or what they hear, but by what is right and just and true. Awesome. I added a statement to each day on my prayer list, and geared up for Monday’s caucus.

Already I am cautiously optimistic, given the outcome of the caucus. I wonder if it happened singularly as a result of people praying for it, or if this is a next step in God’s agenda for the U.S, or both. The next big day is the 9th, when New Hampshire will cast their votes. I will be praying.

Back to this week, and what a week it was! Children gone wild, illness, chaotic times in our home. On Monday I had half the day working to relinquish a bitter spirit I had, and when I finally got feeling better about that, it seemed something else was waiting at my heart’s door, all ready to wreak havoc. Tuesday continued as crazily within our house’s doors as Monday. Then on Wednesday, Adon shut his thumb in the screen door, and I had to rush him to Urgent Care. It looked like the nail was completely damaged, but underneath I could not tell if the bone was affected, with all the blood and swelling. So off we went to the doc.

Wednesday night we missed church- a prayer meeting and a chance to share a missionary story about Amy Carmichael. I felt bad for missing, but I was worn out from the running around all day.

Then when Thursday and Friday passed away in a dense headache fog, my thoughts went back to what our BSF lecturer said on Monday night. Was any of this satanic oppression?

Each mishap could be easily explained with natural, earthly terms. But I suppose it is possible that I am being silenced by the chaos and illness because I have renewed my efforts to reach my children with Jesus’ love, and to reach out to my country in prayer for the upcoming election. Stranger things have happened.

What do you think? I’d love to hear from you via email.