It’s My Party

On my way back from a run this afternoon, still a ways from the house but in view of it, I noticed Bella start whining and wiggling, apparently very excited to see me. Wow, I thought. She has some really good eyesight, to recognize me so far off! As I made my way up the driveway, however, she walked away, sniffing at grass and I think I even saw her yawn. So she got excited about the moving object she saw at a distance, but once she realized it was me, well…Talk about feeling unloved.
That must have subconsciously started the pity party, because by after-dinner clean up I was feeling pretty low. The deadline for Aliyah’s photos and some artwork of Abbie and Noah for the fair is tonight, and all day I knew I needed to make the trip to Walmart and pick up the pictures and then on to Bellville to drop them off, but when the time came to get ready to go, I was dragging. It didn’t help that, as I was changing Elijah before putting him in his carseat, that Luke picked up his glove and sailed out the door with a “I’m going to go play catch with the boys” over his shoulder. Nice. In his defense, he’s been working all day, too- we each have our work. But that was not what I wanted to hear. I really wanted him to go run these errands. He quickly noticed this, as I labored through the grocery list for Walmart, and even swept all eleven kids into the van and took them with him. My prince.
I turned on some Josh Garrels really loud and did some dishes, and now I am sitting outside watching for their return. It is Anna’s 6th birthday, and they should be home soon with frosting for the cake and ice cream. I needed this time to myself, but am hopefully back on track when it comes to remembering whose party it really should be today.