Snow Day

Where’s the old Indian with his warning this time, huh? We went to sleep last night with the wind howling enough to rival Laura’s stories of that Long Winter, and awoke to a winter wonderland. The children only had to hear the word “snow” whispered between Luke and me to pop out of their beds early and look out the windows. (How come it doesn’t work that way with words like “sweep” and “clean” that are spoken right in front of their faces?)
It could be that it is the 30th of October, an early appearance for snow. It may have something to do with needing coats, mittens, scarves, snowpants and boots for weather like this. Whatever the reason, I hear their excited babble coming from downstairs, as they try to assemble a snow wardrobe from the bags and boxes still in storage, and I sit back and let them revel in the experience. Aliyah wanted to put some Christmas music on this morning, but I would not go that far. After all, we start all things Christmas on November 1, just two days hence. But I will allow most anything else on this day of surprises. Maybe they can get enough snow together for a snowman, if the wind doesn’t knock him over after all their efforts.
The kids aren’t the only ones getting special perks on this day. Luke was feeling bad about our dog, Bella, being outside in the harsh weather, so he let her come in for a couple hours last night and again this morning. Her coat was only cool when she came inside, confirming my suspicions that she does just fine outside as long as she hunkers down in her dog house. But it might be a good idea to train her to behave inside, too, so we gave it a try. After we fed her, she drank a ton of water, so I thought she should go outside during breakfast. As we ate, I marveled at the fact she wasn’t scratching at the door or whining to get in. Then out the picture window we see spaghetti-stained styrofoam plates blowing across our beautiful white backyard, and I knew immediately what Bella was doing. The dumpster’s lid had blown open; I was aware of it but hadn’t closed it back up yet. We hurried outside, secured the lid, and cleaned up some of the mess. Presently she sits outside, happily gnawing on a plate that got away, oblivious to the temperatures.
The area schools were on a two hour delay, last I heard, so I thought we could wait on our studies, too. The ‘delay’ ended up lasting the whole day, as Aliyah asked this afternoon if she was the only one who had done her math. Ah, the joys of homeschooling. We’ll get back to normal, whatever that is, tomorrow. After the snow melts.