Are You Still Here?

When I was younger, our house in Columbus was pretty near some railroad tracks. The train would go by at night, and if it blew its whistle while passing our subdivision, it would sound an awful lot like a trumpet. You Left Behind readers are already way ahead of me, aren’t you? Sure enough, every night that train whistle would sound, I would jump, fearful. Afraid Jesus had come and I’d been left behind, many times I would head to my parents’ bedroom door to see if I could still hear snores. Then, quite relieved, I could go back to sleep, pretty certain the end wasn’t too near.
At naptime on Monday, A Minor disappeared. A Major had gone in the bedroom to do something, and noticed her bed was empty. I knew it had been empty, too, earlier, but had just assumed she was in the bathroom. We looked all over the house as quietly as we could, and in our house that didn’t take very long. Still no A. So we went through all the rooms again. It was raining, so I was reasonably sure she hadn’t ‘run away’, a game they play during waking hours. I was beginning to think, given the size of our house, the weather outside, and how eerie her sheets looked without her under them,
What if the rapture has happened and she was the only one saved?!
This was disconcerting on many levels: first, she is not a Christian yet, to my knowledge. Add to that, a little while later I discovered that my phone had been dead all morning, so if anyone else’s unsaved five-year-olds had disappeared, I wouldn’t have heard about it. Hmmm.
Finally A Major looks under A Minor’s bed and there she was. A Major said she looked there before, but… I was relieved on many levels. First, this means I am on the right track spiritually (phew- was worried there for a split second), and what’s more, it made me unusually grateful for the rainy day making her hiding somewhere in the house the only option.
So, He hasn’t come back yet. How should I feel about that?
“Even so…”
Can’t wait to see You, Jesus.