A Life Remembered

One year ago today we found out that our precious twins had TTTS and needed surgery to try and save their lives. We miss you, Micaiah Jean.

[qt:http://valerieburton.us/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Micah_Micaiah.m4v 480 272]

Hey Mikey, She Likes It

Here is another evidence of the reality I am not that good of a mom- I don’t bathe my kids very often. Especially babies. I maybe get around to doing it once a week. Then Micah comes along, and convinces me that even this is too often. Every time I have given her a bath, she has screamed and turned as red as the day she was born. Naturally, I would make these experiences as short as possible, so she could get dry and back into a better humor. Tonight, I planned to give her a quick soak; since she is crawling now, and grabbing whatever she can off the floor and people’s plates, she can get grimy. As I ran the water in the tub and undressed her, she had the same deer-in-the-headlights look on her face, but when I sat her down in the water, she…just sat there. Beside her was one of those rubber duckies of Sesame Street fame, and I handed it to her. She was immediately fascinated by it, and wouldn’t put it down. I had to make her switch hands as I washed each one. Also, I had been thinking that maybe me pouring water over her head right off the bat was making her afraid, so I waited to wash her hair until last this time. But even then, her ducky took all her attention and she barely noticed the waterfall. Well, then. I guess we are out of the ‘tubby terror’ phase. Or, at the very least, I have found a new favorite toy.
Hello, Oriental Trading Company? I’d like to order a gross of your rubber duckies…