Oscar Nomination

One Sunday last May, we look out the window, only to see a cow in our yard, looking right back at us! There were five or six of them, running around the farmhouse across the road, and some even daring to cross the road into our yard. They are usually kept fenced in behind the farmhouse they were circling. The farmer apparently didn’t know they were loose (he actually lives down the road in a different farmhouse), and we knew it was only a matter of time before an unsuspecting vehicle came along and hit one of the cows. So, we did what anybody else would do- I grabbed the video camera and Luke hopped out the door to try to chase the cows back into their corral. Maybe it was his hulking figure, or his red sweatshirt, but the task turned out to be an easy one- he simply ran after them, waving his arms. They ran ahead of him and allowed him to herd them through their gate. They were plenty mad, though, when they realized he’d locked them in, and mooed to beat the band. They had gotten a taste of Carol’s landscaping, and wanted more. One left behind a cow patty as a thank you for the snack.

Carol says that everybody needs the unique experience of having cows in their yard; now our kids do.