A Bushel And A Peck

What does a husband get his wife and eighth child, “just because”? The complete collection of VeggieTale lullabies off of Amazon, of course! I list me before Micah, because this is really a gift that I have wanted for some time. I used to have the original cd, where Junior Asparagus sings about hugs around the neck and his mom sings him to sleep, when A Major and Big S were all there were. I remember taking a walk to the library, and coming home and putting that cd on to quiet ourselves down. This might have only happened once- aren’t memories funny that way- but there was always that ‘feel’ that accompanied Junior’s little voice, like this was something we always did. I was pregnant with Little S at the time, so just about every song would make me cry. At a certain point when we weren’t listening to it anymore, I gave the album away to a friend of mine whose daughter loved VeggieTales. I regretted doing that, and have often thought of calling her up and asking for it back. Now, it can be like old times. The deal is even sweeter because VeggieTales now has 2 lullaby cds that Luke combined for me with his super iTunes powers, so we can have all the memories, and make new ones, too. Have I sold you on these songs yet? Just one of those things I love having back in the family. I’m definitely talking in my sleep about you, Luke.

Black Bean Brownies, Anyone?

I saw the OB yesterday, and he mentioned wanting to see me gain a pound a week from now on. I joked, “Does that mean I can justify that second sundae?” Not to be swayed, he returned, “No, but you may have the one sundae.” I don’t intend to do anything of the sort; I’m more convinced than ever that the pounds “they say” a woman should gain in pregnancy are way over estimated. Did we figure out who “they” are? Ever since we found out about the twins I have really tried to make every calorie count, and I think my weight this time around is a truer reflection of the size I should be, in spite of the many ups and downs of this particular pregnancy. I wonder, though, if there are more “good weight gain” type things I could be eating in these last months, and thought I would ask you guys. What are your favorite fattening foods that are good for you? I’d love to hear.

Okay, I Can Take A Hint…

I really was going to blog this week, Angela. Really. I was all ready to talk about something this past weekend that I had been thinking about, but after reading some other blogs, I lost steam. I discovered that Crystal (Biblical Womanhood, Money Saving Mom) doesn’t have a personal blog anymore, and noticed how Shannon (Rocks In My Dryer) doesn’t blog as much as before on hers. One thought they both shared on making these decisions was that what is necessary is “simply keeping some things to ourselves”. Well- I kinda felt sheepish for even planning the post I was, and promptly busied myself at doing something other than blogging. Yes, I know- balance is key. Not everything need be said, but some things are pretty darn fun to say. Like ‘darn’. But I digress. Must be the weather.
The weather! That is what I logged on here to write about! Is it too early for northeast central Ohioans to start planting things outside? Gee, because all week we should be sporting numbers in the 50s. Yesssss. The past two days we have gotten outside to play, all of us down to A Flat, and it has been lovely. I worked on the garden boxes, pulling at weeds, this morning, while the kids played on the playground. See, this was how it was supposed to work last year- I work right next to them, so I can mediate conflicts and bark orders from time to time. Only last year, C would constantly disappear when I would even try it. He is doing so much better at his ripe old age of two (and toilet trained to boot!), mostly because he now finds whatever the other boys are doing to be perfectly brilliant, and will tag along. There was one instance this morning when I couldn’t see A Flat on the playground, and started to panic. But then I noticed her pink coat hidden by A Major on the glider, and realized that was why I didn’t see her right away. Sweet how they all help out with her. Big S changed her out of wet clothes later after she’d fallen in a puddle. I should have videotaped it- Grandma calls A Flat an octopus, and that is exactly the kind of treatment S got, trying to diaper her and pull her shirt over her head.
Back to the garden boxes- I’m thinking peas, potatoes, spinach and leaf lettuce here at this house. Looks like I can get started Easter weekend. At the new house, Gus should be yielding spears soon. You simply do not understand how thrilled I am to have a mature asparagus plant. I thought about buying a crown or two (their root bed), but even then it would be years before I would harvest. I may go light on Gus this year, too, depending on the size of the spears. I have high hopes for Rhuby and Barbie this year. Oatmeal Rhubarb Cookies, winners of my personal Rhubarb Bake-off last year, are so close I can taste them. And Strawberry-Rhubarb crisp, runner up. Even though I’ll have to buy the strawberries at Meijer because they are not in season yet, it will be something to be savored. I’ll post the recipes when the time comes.
Baby Micah appears to be doing well. We have nine weeks of school left, and are hoping not to have to cut that short. I would be very surprised if she came early, based on how good the last weeks have been going. I’m learning contentment through all of this. How to rejoice with the newlywed couple in the OB office savoring those first few ultrasound pictures, and not throw myself a pity party instead. How to remain strong while the doctors continue to watch both babies, taking measurements of both heads, both abdomens, both femurs. How to remember that I have had the awesome experience of breathing in brand new baby hair how many times? And I get to do it again.

I know how it feels to have wings on your heels,
And to fly down the street in a trance.

All of my memories are happy tonight,
I’ve had [many baby loves] of my own.

~from “Hello Young Lovers” by Oscar Hammerstein II