More Burton Funnies

The kids decided they would play jail in the corner of the room. Little S was the convict. A Major and Big S were, I think, maids. Let’s listen in to how things went with him…
A: Are you enjoying your stay here, sir?
S: Yes, thank you.
A: What are you in here for?
S: Speeding.
[time passes in the slammer]
SB: Sir, would you like coffee or hot cocoa?
S: How about coffee now, and cocoa later?
A: Did you enjoy your meal, sir? Is there anything else I can
get for you?

A: Let’s play hospital now, not jail.

Apparently they could only take so much prison cruelty.

Burton Funnies

Maybe this struck only me as funny because I need a laugh so bad these days…

Overheard at breakfast:
A: “I don’t like it when people are walking around during my prayer.”
S: “But Mama’s walking around [the kitchen].”
A: “Well, that’s Mama. You know better.”

Still Kicking

We saw the surgeon for, hopefully, the last time yesterday. Our little dancer is doing well, and we are so grateful. I hope I can start to relax about the remainder of this pregnancy, but I am sure some nervousness will last until she is born.
Luke and I have been tossing around ideas for some way we can remember Micaiah, and to remind Micah she is a twin. I was thinking of doing something with a quilt or blanket that had both names stitched on it. Or a paving stone out in the garden that I have painted. Maybe I’ll paint Micaiah’s cute feet on it. Any suggestions? This is different than a miscarriage in many ways, and I don’t think after they are born that I will be able to recover, for lack of a better word, in quite the same way. A memorial of some sort seems in order. One thing I do know- friends and family may have a hard time ever getting a chance to hold Micah. I may never put her down. Just headed over now to shop online for shower slings…