Just Some Filler…

I’m set up to do some iChatting with my sister at 9, so to stay awake I thought I would spend some time here and actually blog about what we’ve been up to. Sorry to have left you all up at the lake- a lot has happened since then.
Two weeks ago, we made a trip to the ER because I was having abdominal pain. I thought it might be my gallbladder, and, knowing I was pregnant, wanted to get that checked out in case it was rupturing or something. We discovered that my organs were all doing great, especially my uterus, which was housing two babies! What a shock! I was so grateful God had us go into the ER- He wanted us to find out this piece of the puzzle, definitely. Now the abdominal pain is somewhat explained by double the hormones and double the morning (afternoon, evening) sickness. Whew. I hope the yucky feelings subside in the next month or two. For some it can last all nine months, a possibility I am bracing myself for.
I’ve figured out that if I eat every hour, I can achieve a sort of baseline as far as daily activity. School, dishes, laundry, child care- these are the biggies and the only things to get done for a while, until I find an unattractive nanny. Joke. Last week saw us at three different doctor appointments. The first day went well- I forgot to pack my hourly snack, but a Duke station on the way came through for me with some water and a Nutrigrain bar. I arrived home almost energetic, and was excited that maybe the morning sickness might be on its way out. Well…The next day was rough- I remembered my snack but left it in the car so I had to sit many minutes and look at pale green walls, entertaining A Flat with nothing but a set of John Deere keys (thanks for the stroller, Leigh Ann!). She quickly tired of them, kicking me to get down, and I was kicking myself for not bringing sustenance for us both. The third day went okay, but by the time I got home I was so exhausted. The weekend and today have been passing pretty much the same- tired and sick are my constant companions. Par for the course, and I am not complaining. These babies must need a boatload of nutrients, and it is encouraging to think when I am at my worst, that they are getting their strongest. Grow and thrive, little darlings.

Just Chillin’ At The Lake

A Flat has just discovered one of those cellophane wrapped cups. C is hopping from bed to chair to other bed, then falling back on the pillow and snoring like he is asleep. Where are we? At a Holiday Inn Express in Port Clinton. The other day, Luke asked me if I was up for “an adventure”. I said sure, as long as it didn’t interfere with my plans to clean the garage on Saturday. Well, the garage will have to wait, as we are a couple hours from there, and planning to take a boat even further away tomorrow. I love it when my husband comes up with spur-of-the-moment ideas like this. It has been more rare with the number of children growing, as we can’t just “up and do” anything. But the kids are handling the trip well, with their usual extreme excitement at the littlest things. Younger S has taken to calling the hotel room an apartment and asked if we can take a picture of it for Grandma, so you can see that the rooming accomodations alone have them on cloud nine. Luke has the older ones down at the pool while I write this, and as I tidied up our apartment some funnies came to mind.
After seeing the ‘Forget Something?’ sign in the bathroom: “Yes, we just happened to forget nine toothbrushes. Could you send some complimentary ones up?”

After hanging up some of the kids’ jackets and running out: “We need some hangers sent up.”

The way we entered the building was funny too- either Luke was afraid to let the front desk people see us ALL or for some other reason, he parked in back and led us through a service door. Little S was a dynamite doorkeeper as we filed past.
Tomorrow’s plans are to visit the Glacial Grooves on Kelleys Island. This week in history we talked about the Ice Age, so it is timely.

Week Recap

Because the school year can’t officially begin without the baking of some chocolate chip cookies, I quickly complied Monday morning, and they turned out perfectly. I use the same recipe every time, but sometimes they just don’t take; why is that? Anyway, I am really glad to have plenty of work to do this year with the children. This may sound crazy, but I am learning that I do best at homeschooling if other people tell me what to do and I do it. Luke has been shopping for curricula all summer, and has me set up with some good history, language arts, and science (him :)). The math we already had and enjoyed last year, and it all totals to a mom’s dream- the week before, I simply open the texts to see and prepare what we are doing next. Nice. This first week was creation with a side of musical instruments, and a tossed salad of truthfulness, nouns, and place value.
Friday Carol canned and froze 8 boxes of peaches. The kids and I were on hand to help, but she and her sisters did most of the work. I’m really proud of her accomplishment. Meredith’s peach cake recipe was just begging to be made, and it turned out perfect, too. I’m on a roll!
Today we went over to Malabar Farm to get me some maple syrup. My desire lately has been for our family to consume less sugar, so I substitute maple sugar or honey in a bunch of recipes, with pretty good results. I’ve figured out that I save ten cents an ounce if I buy it there instead of Meijer, and that really adds up when you are talking gallons! We took a walk up one of the roads on the property. It was a lovely day, and I just kept looking around and breathing deeply. Mmmm.
We’re home now, and I am looking forward to grilled chicken caesar salad tonight. Again, couldn’t get any more perfect. Thank You, God, Giver of all good things.