They’re Playing Our Song

Yay- The River is on a roll this hour, playing some real showstopping songs. I’m glad I tuned in when I did, because the song that was on was one I was trying to remember. Back when I wrote about our fourthborn as a newborn, and the experiences I had then, I talked about how certain songs were a blessing to me in that time. Another one was What If by Jadon Lavik. Whenever it would come on the radio, I would gather up his little body, and dance to the guitar.
Some other winners in The River’s playlist this hour, that hold special meaning to me:

Casting Crowns- East to West
We got to see Casting Crowns a few years back, and ever since I have been really impressed with their realness (not a word) and transparency of their songs. ‘East to West’ does not disappoint with its heartfelt incredulity at God’s boundless love.

Third Day- Cry out to Jesus
I saw them perform this live on a benefit show for Katrina victims, and it made me a fan for life. I can’t help but think of deaths in our family over the last few years, and the way God has strengthened us through them, whenever I hear this song.

Lincoln Brewster- Love the Lord
This just started playing a lot on the radio. It is a fun, upbeat, terrific way to learn Matthew 22:37. Maybe Luke will get to play it on guitar at church sometime.

Thanks for coming along musical memory lane with me!

Today’s The Day! Updated With Pictures

*updated 1/30: The Soup Swap was a huge success! We had a nice variety of soups to swap, and enjoyed a wonderful evening of food (thank you, Charley!!!) and fellowship. I so appreciated the hard work of all of those who participated. We will definitely do this again next year! Head over to the page titled “Soup Swap- Rate Your Favorites” when you start cracking open those soup containers.




I’m getting the house ready for tonight’s first annual soup swap. It looks to be a nice size group- there are at least eleven bringing soup. Originally I thought I would have some kind of contests going this evening for best tasting, most original, etc., but I don’t want to crack open any of the soups. So, I’m brainstorming a poll that I’ll put here on the blog (on the Soup Swap Info page) where our attendees can come back and rate the soups they took home. Watch for it! I’ll have to come up with a goodie for the overall soup swap champion. 🙂

I got some cookies made up this afternoon- try your best to imagine looking down into bowls of

dsc02811.JPG dsc02814.JPG dsc02816.JPG

Cream of celery, Vegetable Beef & Tomato Bisque

dsc02813.JPG dsc02815.JPG

Shrimp gumbo & Creamy potato

They don’t really taste like the soups- that would be gross.

Make It! Monday


I’m having such fun with the beam that goes between the two front rooms in Carol’s house. The snowmen looked so good up there, I left them until last evening, when I switched to these indigenous peoples. I hope to change the display every few months; what kinds of things could I put up there? I’d love to hear your ideas.

He’s Growing Up

dsc02686.JPGOur four-year-old comes into the church nursery this morning, and notices a young girl a bit older than him there. He proceeds to say more audibly than necessary while swinging his arms nonchalantly, “Just came back from the big potty.” Like it mattered somehow to this girl that he didn’t use the nursery potty. I’ve never seen this side to him; it makes me a little sad. Next he’ll be out racing sports cars in the parking lot for this girl’s affections.


I was looking in the mirror the other day, and noticed how pronounced the wrinkles on my forehead are getting. I almost posted a picture here, but decided to link you to a likeness instead. Beware, this picture is graphic, and not recommended for children. If you still want to see it, go here. Seriously though, should I be doing something to prevent these wrinkles from getting worse?

Remembering Roe v. Wade

After tens of millions of [abortion] ‘procedures,’ has America lost anything? Another Edison, perhaps? A Gershwin? A Babe Ruth? A Duke Ellington?
… As it is, we will never know what abortion has cost us all.
~Joseph Sobran

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Bee

Actually, it wasn’t a bit funny, but I liked the allusion to a funny movie, so let’s go with it.

I left in what I thought was plenty of time to get the children pizza (cashing in Book-It rewards) and to Westerville Public Library. When I get to Pizza Hut, the man takes my order, then says, that will be 12 minutes. I’m sure usually that statement is met with, okay, that isn’t much time at all, I’ll just hop next door to Starbucks while I’m waiting. Mmmm, coffee and pizza- great combination.

But 12 minutes were at least 10 minutes I didn’t have, so I was kicking myself for not ordering ahead.  We waited, me getting stressed, the baby getting frantic.

Fast forward (about 32 minutes) to me getting to the intersection before we hit I-270, and deciding I want to try this shortcut to Westerville. Hey, I’d done it before. Well, actually Luke drove it to the hospital with me riding shotgun, very much in labor with our second-born, so I’m a little foggy on the details. But I thought I could figure it out. Nope. This was not the time to be trying out shortcuts! When I finally did enter Westerville, I couldn’t find the library! I thought it would be relatively easy, so hadn’t printed a map. Fortunately, I did find it, and we were only 10 minutes late. You’re hurting for me as I share this with you, aren’t you?

Turns out, this is a funny thing- the kind of funny where you are only laughing because if you didn’t, you’d cry. Almost exactly two years ago, I did much, much worse for myself by my lack of preparedness. When we decided I would travel to North Carolina for my aunt’s funeral, it was discovered I had let my driver’s license expire. Further, I hadn’t noticed it for six months, so had to take the whole driver’s test over again. Yep. Parallel-parking a minivan. Then, the day I was supposed to fly home from NC, I got to the airport late and missed my flight, all because I didn’t print up my boarding pass. It still sickens me just thinking about it. How do I let these things happen?

So, you’d think I would have learned something, anything over the past 24 months that would help me not get into any kind of similar situation again. But there I was, clutching the steering wheel and feeling that all too familiar feeling in my gut- “you’re late, you might miss it, and oh yeah, you could have avoided this whole mess if you would have used your printer!”

What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death? Thanks be to God—through Jesus Christ our Lord!  Romans 7:24-25

Twelve Days Of Soup Preparation

On the twelfth day of Soupswapmas my good friend did tell me What soup she was bringing to our fete.dsc02677.JPG So, um, there are at least a couple of you that I have not heard back from, that I thought you were coming to the soup swap, yet you have not gotten back to me on your soup-bringing. I know there are still 12 days to go. But you see, I want to fill the top of my “Soup Swap Info” page with many many names and many many soups, so that the visitor to my blog thinks I have many many friends. 🙂 Seriously, though, this is a time when you cannot stink at RSVPing. This has been a test of the Soup Swap broadcast system. If there actually was an emergency regarding your attendance at the Soup Swap, I would have used all caps.


whew- I need to get to bed