What A Day!

Or, How To Exhaust Oneself In 24 Hours
I drove solo in the van for the first time yesterday, running errands. There was an OB appointment scheduled, and since we are trying to limit our trips to town, I hoped to get as many other things done in the trip as possible. Check out my ambitious to-do list- consisting of, but not limited to, dropping off the A Million Thanks cards we made, zipping through the ATM (does an E350 XLT ‘zip’?), posing at Walmart for Abbie’s one-year portrait, and emptying out Aldi and Meijer. Tack on the library, and the thrift store (1/2 off Wednesdays!) and you just about have it covered. Oh, and Abbie (obviously) and Aliyah were with me, which would add to the time things took. Still, I was pumped as I left this morning, looking forward to making the most of my time out in town. Then Luke mentioned that I needed to be home by lunch.
Now, I’m one of those people that, if I have a time limit, I think I actually move slower than normal. Maybe it hearkens back to those fourth grade timed math tests, making me too nervous to work, because I never get whatever it is done, when I don’t feel I have enough time.
So. We three ladies climb into the van, and are off to the OB. Before I go to the doctor, I go to the lab, where I have the glucose test done- I drink this sugary drink, then get my blood drawn an hour afterward, to test for gestational diabetes. It is now 9:45. The girl who is serving up my cocktail asks when my doctor appointment is, and I say, “Now, basically,” and she shakes her head.
“You better get back here within the hour, or you’ll have to do it all over again.” You been comparing notes with my husband, lady? Just what I need, to feel more rushed than I already am. When I get into the OB’s office, at 10:00, I tell the nurse there that I need to be back to the lab by 10:30. That would actually give me 15 extra minutes to get back to the lab, but she didn’t need to know that. Besides, I am always seeing demonstrated how loooooong it takes to listen to Baby’s heartbeat and pinch my calves; let’s see how record-quick it can be done! Once settled into the exam room, I notice that this is going no faster than normal. Five minutes go by. Ten. Fifteen. Then, through the thin wall I hear my midwife in her office, returning a call. Nice. And twenty minutes go by, while I sit there on that table, holding Abbie, who has, in the time elapsed, tired of new exam room experiences and life in general, ready for a nap. Aliyah has gone through all the instruments on the side table by now, asking what they are, and seems satisfied with my repeated, “That helps the doctors do their job”. She has now moved on to the question, “Where is the baby actually going to come out?” and right then, my midwife makes an appearance. Her timing wasn’t so bad, I suppose.
To be continued

Not Likely, But Here’s Hoping…

…that my belly had a window on it, showing the kids that it is a baby carrier, not a lap pillow.

…I had a meat thermometer that kept me from producing cough-it-down, dry chicken.

…for $10,000 in my mailbox to remodel our bathroom.

…that I am able to parallel park the new van perfectly, so Luke doesn’t make fun of me. Okay, just park it.

…that on July 25, Baby looks down at his waterproof Timex, and realizes it is time to make like a baby, and head out. Two months and counting.

Oooo, She Opened Up The Can!

Crystal at Biblical Womanhood posted last Wednesday about in vitro fertilization and its obvious controversies. Lots of good food for thought in her post, links, and the comments that follow. Take the time to read it, if you can. I might just be persuaded to share my view on this issue, if people were interested…

Some Gave All

SERGEANT WILLIAM (BILL) MEEUWSEN, beloved husband, son and brother, was killed in combat near Baghdad, Iraq, November 23, 2005. Bill was born in Mount Vernon, WA, on February 10, 1981. After the events of 9/11, Bill decided to join the Army and fulfill a long time desire to serve in the military. Bill served with the 1st Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment (Air Assault) in South Korea near the DMZ for a year and then joined Alpha Company, 2-502nd Infantry, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) in Fort Campbell, KY. It was at Ft. Campbell that Bill met the love of his life, Lauren Mann and they married August 18, 2005 in Clarksville, TN. Bill was a tall, caring man with a warm smile and a compassionate heart for people as well as animals. Bill was both loved and respected by his family and his many friends.
Information courtesy of The Houston Chronicle

Thank you so much, Bill, for your courage and your sacrifice. You left loved ones behind with the knowledge you might not come back alive, and for that I can’t find words to express my admiration. May the Lord richly bless Lauren for all she has given for the cause of our country. I will remember you, Bill, and I will teach my children to remember you and the others like you who gave everything for our freedom. We are forever in your debt.

Read more about Bill here.

Great ways to spend this Memorial Day:

Post about a fallen soldier on your blog: Some Gave All

Thank a soldier personally: amillionthanks.org

Weekend Thoughts

Therefore we do not lose heart, but though our outer man is decaying, yet our inner man is being renewed day by day. 2 Corinthians 4:16
I’m tired. Really tired. Could be that the whirlwind trip to VA Sunday, then the whirlwind housecleaning for a showing yesterday, has a leettle to do with this. And being pregnant fits into the deal nicely. But beyond all that, the weariness seems to have settled in for the long haul, and I’m finding I’m not not up to many tasks that need done. This weekend, I’ll spend some time figuring out the physical side of this fatigue, with the hope that some improvements in nutrition, and just plain slowing down, will help. More importantly, however, I’m praying for that renewal from the above verse that is promised me. There is power, Christ’s resurrection power, inside me, and I ought to have the strength and endurance that is needed for any circumstance. No, not superhuman abilities beyond my capabilities, but enough fuel to get what I need to do, done. My prayer is that His power would be evident in my life, that I could experience that renewal today, and day by day.Read two great devotionals by Nancy Campbell about resting here and here.
P.S. The passages I have been reading in 1 and 2 Corinthians lately have perfectly applied to my current struggles. God’s word is powerful.

Abbie’s Garden Party

Abbie’s party Saturday night was a great time. I liked how the cake turned out, even though it isn’t exactly what I had in mind. Luke couldn’t believe I actually drew all of the vegetable pictures on the little stakes- I realized how little I do anything that involves drawing these days. Note to self- get back into that! I feel limited in this house, because there isn’t a place I can set up shop and work, like a craft room or studio. It is a priority for the next house.
Anyhoo, back to Abbie’s party. We got to see Jaylynn for the first time since she has been back. Hopefully it wasn’t too stressful for them to come out so soon after getting home. But she seemed to be having an okay time. We had grilled ‘Bubba Burgers’, and boy, were they good! Wal-Mart carries them, and maybe other stores, too. There were lots of good friends who came, and it was a treat to catch up with all of them. Our plan is to have a ‘big’ party for each child when they are one, five, nine, and thirteen, to save our sanity a bit. So this was Abbie’s big one, and I think she had a good time.

We’re Back

What an adventure! Could I expect any less from a spur of the moment trip, in which I didn’t finish packing for until the morning we left? Ah, well, it could have gone worse. Actually, the kids did pretty well during the 8+ hour drives, with movies to watch, books to read, and new seatbelts to figure out. Yes, we got a new 12-passenger van right before the trip, which made it much more comfortable for everyone.
Visiting Liberty always gives me a chance to reminisce. In the remembering of who I was when I was there, I think I come away with a renewed sense of who I am now, and I am refreshed to keep at the work I have been called to do- be a mother to these (possible) future Liberty students.
2 Corinthians 3:17 Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.