Unknown Treasures

I love to read. I have always loved to read. Some of my favorite books are about pioneer life. So why in the world have I never read the Little House books? I haven’t a clue. My Granny Chase even got me the whole series when I was little; I remember opening a volume each Christmas as a present, and adding it to the others on the shelf. Maybe watching the TV show growing up produced a laziness that led me to avoid the real, true stories.

There are these Little House children’s books now, illustrated by Renee Graef, that retell a little of some of the more famous stories in the original books. My in-laws got the kids a set of them a couple of years ago. As I read them to my kids, I noted how charming they were. A’s third birthday party theme was “Little House” where we dressed in bonnets and aprons, and made homemade ice cream and molasses popcorn balls. A has recently developed in her reading skills, and simply eats up the books these days, so Luke has been taking her to the library to feed. 🙂 He thought it time she start the Little House books, and brought home Little House In The Big Woods. I popped it open one night and started reading, and couldn’t put it down! I’m now on Farmer Boy, the third in the series. The picture above is of my mother in law’s well-loved set that I borrowed to read. We are planning to get her a new boxed set for Christmas. (don’t worry, she doesn’t read my blog:) They were hers, then her daughter’s, and in the opening lines of some where Laura has written “60 years ago…” Leigh Ann crossed it out and put ‘120’ (as of 1984, I believe) in her then-childish scribble. Gotta love that. I will give these back to LA after I have read them; she may not even remember ‘setting the record straight’.
I encourage anyone who has not read these fine books to do so. Two prevailing themes grab me so far:
-they have nothing! At the end of LHOTP, Pa decides to move them on from the house he built; the next morning they are ready to go. I wouldn’t be able to pack that quickly, but thinking about them makes me want to simplify and take only the essentials in our next move.
-they use everything they do have, and nothing is wasted. LHITBW tells of Mary and Laura getting to play with the pig’s bladder like a balloon (this is a special treat), and frying the pig’s tail and eating it (this is also a treat) at slaughtering time.
Truly inspiring. I wonder how many other wonderful books are out there, just waiting for me to discover them.

“They will stay in my tummy”

We had a bit of the sickies go through last weekend, right after Thanksgiving Dinner (lovely). I thought the virus was gone, but Little S came down with it this morning. After he slept all morning, I let him have some Cheerios (dry) in a bowl. This is him sitting at the table, thoroughly enjoying his first meal all day.

Tropical Storm Abiyoyo Hits Bethlehem

CITY OF DAVID-sources near Bethlehem confirm that a tropical storm of infantile proportions touched down near an animal stable yesterday. Apparently a young couple were lodging in the stable, since there was no room left in the inn. A woman had recently given birth to a son, and was caring for him there. No reports of injuries, but it is certain that this stormy night was one this couple will always remember.

It’s Finished!

Busy weekend! First, there was the Ohio State- Michigan game to watch. We took a lasagna down to my mom and dad’s to hang out with them and see the game on a tv with better reception. Look what N did to my masterpiece! I knew I should have buckled him in and not just set him in the van and expected a two year old to be careful.

My sister and her family are home for Thanksgiving, and she got me the neatest wall art. They were conveniently present for Baby A’s Dedication at church. A fitting verse.

And, I got my first rag rug done. I really enjoyed making this- it is so quick! Now I just have to come up with more pajama pants/ sheets/ discount fabrics to start my next one. I think I am giving this to my sister, if she thinks it would work in her house.

Rag Rugs

I’ve started making a rag rug out of some of my mom’s old sheets. I read about the craft and how to do it on this girl’s blog. It is really exciting to have this kind of ability- turning worn out fabrics into useful things. So far I have only spent $1.88 for the crochet hook- a very frugal craft!

I’m thankful for my freedom, especially on days like this. I may not be pleased with every outcome in these elections, but at least I had the opportunity to cast my vote. Thank You, Lord, for America.

Ode to Eko

Mr. Eko was one of my favorite characters in LOST. I think he had a really interesting past, and I liked his attitude. I did start to take issue with him when he talked about Jesus needing baptized to cleanse Him of His sin (WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE), but other than that, I liked having him around. He will be missed.

The Haul

I could go into a big post about how beautifully candy makers package their goodies, and how really bad what is inside is for you. But I don’t have time; I am too busy eating it.
I do have to note that I didn’t see a single Snickers bar. I am either really observant or really obsessive compulsive, or both.